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The Reliable Wife
The Reliable Wife

Based on the cover and the beginning of the novel, I thought it was a love story.  It turned out to be a very dark and twisted love story that was pretty hard to put down.  I really reminded me of the movie Original Sin.


I also enjoyed the contrast between the cold, snowy terrain of Wisconsin and the passion that ensues in the bedroom.  Yes, there are a lot of sex scenes, but I found them to be more intriguing because the author is male.  In fact, I don't remember if I've ever read stories this passionate from a male author before.  If your looking for a dark and sensual read on a cold night, try this. 

The Interestings review


My review

The Interestings spans the lives of six friends from teenagers, who meet at an art camp, to middle aged adults, working to keep their friendships intact.  The novel is definitely character driven, with a time changing plot that just works.  I think the main ideas are success and friendship, and how one can threaten the other.


When I first began this novel, I thought it was a little slow, but shortly I became interested in each character.  Though, from the tone, I knew nothing huge - no major plot point or twist- was going to happen, yet I still wanted to find out what happened next.  Don't get me wrong, plenty of things happen, just not in the way of more traditionally plotted books.


So, was The Interestings interesting? Yes. (4/5)

Mr Darcy Broke My Heart by Beth Pattillo


my brief synopsis:


Claire Prescott travels to England for a Jane Austen seminar in place of her very pregnant sister.  Claire isn’t much of an Austen fan and just can’t understand Mr. Darcy’s appeal.  At the seminar, she meets a “Darcy type” man who threatens her relationship with her sports enthusiast boyfriend, Neil.  But there’s still more drama when a confused woman invites Claire to her home and reveals a lost Jane Austen manuscript.


my review:

Pattillo’s Austen inspired novels are the perfect rainy day reads that have just enough conflict to still keep them cozy.  In Mr. Darcy Broke My Heart, Claire Prescott meets a kind -sometimes confused- elderly lady, who lets her read Jane Austen’s first draft of Pride & Prejudice, First Impressions. It is quite ambitious to write in the voice of one of the most beloved writers of all time, but Pattillo provides many “chapters” and brings it to life.  First Impressions is an entirely different and unexpected story, and I found it fascinating to partake in speculation of what the lost manuscript might be like.

Oh, and I mustn’t fail to mention the romance.  There is more than one suitor for the heroin to choose from, just as Jane Austen would have it. (4/5)

Orange Is the New Black review

Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison by Piper Kerman

my review:

I have to be honest and admit that I would have never been compelled to read Orange is the New Black if hadn’t been for the Netflix series. I rarely read memoirs or nonfiction books, so this was a real stretch. I didn’t know what to expect after falling in love with the tv series, but it really gripped me from the beginning. It read much like a novel and I was excited to meet the characters and find out what would happen next. The fact that it is all true (minus name and characteristic changes) makes it an even more inspiring, life lessons story. (4/5)

My snippet of wisdom: I would like to add that comparing one artistic medium to another is like the classic apples to oranges cliché. Readers, never set expectations too high when it comes to book to film or film to book translation.

A Rundown of My Book Reviews

First, I am not a professional reader, writer or candlestick maker, but I love books. All reviews are my own opinions, and should be taken with as much or as little salt as you prefer.


I like to rate my reads.  I rate them as follows:


Rating Scale (1-5)

1) Awful. Only fit for a birdcage liner

2)So so. I do not recommend it

3)Just okay. I Liked it, but not the best

4)Enjoyable read. I do recommend it to others

5)I loved it!